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Opt Out Life

Jul 18, 2019

Some of us are born entrepreneurs, and some of us discover it by happenstance.  Today’s guest is Brett Fogle, he’s the serial type of entrepreneur, who started as a kid by selling “Mailbox beautification” services around his neighborhood. From those beginnings, he grew up and each new venture has brought him a new lesson, and by now, Brett has compiled those hard earned lessons into a system that any entrepreneur can use to make money without the risks that cause most ventures to fail.

That system is the basis for Brett’s book, Click and Grow Rich. The book is an outgrowth of Brett’s work as a mentor, and business partner, with entrepreneurs launching their first online brand or business. And its contents are a full-on playbook of both the opportunities that exist online, and how to take advantage of them, no matter who you are. More at

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