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Opt Out Life

Jul 4, 2019

Many years ago, a 5 year old decided he was going to become an airline pilot. He grew up, as little boys do, and eventually served in the military. Then went to college. Then to flight school. At 23, he was a professional airline pilot. He’d spend a day at home, but for the most part, his home was the sky. On a dead head flight home, a much older pilot handed him a book, and said “Get out while you still can.” Our guest is Vinny Giglio. He’s a former pilot, who took some advice and a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and restarted his life’s journey with an eye on financial freedom and owning his time. Vinny’s a guy who makes bold moves to get the things he wants in life, including uber fancy cars and money-producing real estate. So pull up his Instagram, gaze at those fancy cars, and then listen closely on how it’s accomplished. Because it’s really not about the cars, after all. But you already knew that. More at

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