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Opt Out Life

Oct 3, 2019

Today’s guest is Chuck Longenacker, the founder of a digital agency who came to us after spending the past two years relaxing and recovering from the long road to success that often ends in burn out. Chuck’s journey as an entrepreneur began a million years ago, the dust of the dotcom crash in 2001. He lost his job in corporate America, and took his $5000 severance as a chance to try and go down a different path. Over time, his little venture grew up into a highly respected digital and design agency, Digital Telepathy, that would eventually have several dozen employees and a unique subscription model for how they charged clients. As you’d imagine, there were bumps along the way. That’s all part of pulling off what this guy pulled off . . . nearly 20 years of building a business that was a reflection of how he wanted to see the world, and the underlying freedom of lifestyle it ultimately provided. More at